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Exterior works in Eastbourne

This plush house near the Royal Eastbourne Golf Club, not far from Eastbourne’s Old Town, required full exterior work in order to both freshen it up and to replace old and damaged areas.
The entire exterior of the house was redecorated and repointed where required. The sun room, that can be seen at the back, required a new roof, followed by interior decoration, making sure it was ready for use when summer arrives. Even the French doors needed repairing and rehanging to ensure a tight seal and total security.
All gutters needed to be cleared, cleaned and sealed to ensure water can flow unobstructed. Finally, several parts of the fire escape needed to be renewed for safety reasons due to corrosion over time.
Once a small amount of interior decoration and plumbing was complete, the house now looks stunning once again. Priory Builders specialise in high-end property maintenance, offering top quality workmanship on every aspect of the job.
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